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Solar Farm Monitoring

Monitor your solar farm remotely

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Monitor your wind farm remotely

Meter data management

Monitor electrical consumption on your fingertips

Who Are We

Ambitious firm in Electrical Scada Space with  05  years of experience.

We are a  group company having more than 25 years of experience in providing products, consultancy, and services to companies and governments in the Electrical Infrastructure and Power distribution. We provide end to end solutions right from products, which enable remote monitoring of your site for e.g. Modbus RTU, IEC 101, IEC 104, IEC 61850, Routers (2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI), Modems, Cybersecurity to turnkey solutions which allow you to monitor your remote sites such as Solar Farm, Wind Farm or an Electrical Substation.

The site monitoring of your assets happens in real-time. This enables you to optimize your maintenance and monitoring efforts. We leverage on our expertise and experience in electrical power monitoring, substation automation, feeder automation, capacitor bank automation, reactive power and power factor correction automation,  field passage indicator automation, and help you streamline your operations and reduce your costs.

Our dashboard/monitoring software brings all of this information at your fingertips allowing you to access this information and make decisions from anywhere in the world.

What We Offer


Qualified products to enable energy IoT/ Utility SCADA at your site. Our products are robust as well as industry acceptable products designed to withstand extreme conditions that are common with remote locations. They are built using the latest micro controller and micro processer technology hence require minimal human intervention and can easily be accessed, configured and maintained from your office located hundreds of kilometres away.


Industry known Turnkey solutions for your remote site management. Real-time data allows you to monitor your site continuously. We provide solutions for Solar Farms, Wind Farms, Substations, Feeders, Industrial solutions such as Automated Power Factor correction, Electrical consumption monitoring, and Smart City solutions such as Automated meter reading, etc.

“The Internet of Things is removing mundane repetitive tasks or creating things that just weren’t possible before, enabling more people to do more rewarding tasks and leaving the machines to do repetitive jobs.”

-Grant Notman



Remote terminal Unit controls & monitors substation also provide data to a SCADA system


Data concentrator Unit logs important data and stores it

Protocol IEC Converter

Converts IEC101 to IEC104

Protocol Converter (Modbus to IEC 101/104)

Converts MODBUS RTU/TCP to IEC101/104


Securely transmits data from the substation end to the server end

Programmable Modem

programable modem that sends data to cloud without AT commands

Protocol Modbus

Converts MODBUS RTU/TCP to IEC 61850

Modbus Software

Simulation to verify MODBUS protocol it emulates as both slave & master

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