Wind farm monitoring system

With climate change becoming the biggest worry for our planets, and the increase in demand of electricity, more and more governments are focusing away from non-renewable fuels. As a result of this, Wind energy has become a major alternative. Apart from being renewable, the cost of energy generation is very less and the level of pollution is low.

The big challenge with wind farms, however is that they are located in remote areas usually, in mountainous terrain or in coastal areas. This makes monitoring and maintenance of such farms a major challenge. Moreover, despite the advancement in technology, we have still not reached the stage where we can predict the wind movement accurately. This make forecasting of energy production very challenging. 

ConnectedSCADA provides a bespoke solution that addresses these challenges and many more. Our Wind Farm Monitoring solution ensures accuracy, reliability, safety and timeliness. We use the advanced Scada based technologies in our solution allowing us to capture data in real time. The data captured includes Voltage, current, power generated, wind speed, power, pitch, yaw, temperature etc. All of this data is stored on our cloud based servers, making it is readily accessible to you. The solution allows you to use this data for analysis, forecasting and trend analysis.

Our solution does not only allow you to monitor your wind farm remotely but you can also control your devices remotely. This is possible because we supports most of the communication protocols (MODBUS, IEC etc.) and our solution is compatible with PLCs running on SCADA. Moreover, since we use of standard protocols, the system is flexible enough to accommodate new sensors and devices, making it future proof. Additionally the system can work on Ethernet or GSM based connectivity protocols (2G, 3G or 4G). This guarantees communication with central server even in low connectivity areas.

Key Features

  • Advanced detection of abnormal conditions
  • Provides 24/7 access to current operational data, trends, alarm history and messaging from a central location or remotely
  • Flexible, scalable architecture by using Scada gateway
  • Easily installed on new or legacy devices from any manufacturer


  • Operations management:
    • The performance management (either onsite or remote) of the Wind Turbine
    • Fault Identification
  • Alarm management:
    • Flagging any element of the power plant that falls outside pre-determined performance
    • Failure or error messages can be automatically generated and sent to the power plant service team via email or text message.
  • Reporting:
    • The generation of yield reports detailing individual component performance, and benchmarking the reports against those of other components or locations.
    • Fault and break down reports