Automatic Power Factor Control System

Certain electrical loads such as motors, furnaces etc. can cause electrical systems to be very inductive. This leads to a “lagging power factor” which in turn causes poor power efficiency, thereby increasing the apparent power drawn from the distribution network. As a result of all this there is overloading of Transformer, Bus bars, Switch gears, Cables and other distribution devices. In order to prevent this, the State Electricity Boards / Utility companies impose power tariff & penalties if the power factor is below a certain limit.

In order to maintain the power factor in the requisite range, you have to, depending on the inductive load, connect or disconnect the power factor correction capacitors. However in most realistic scenarios manual switching is just impossible as the load fluctuates rapidly fluctuating (e.g. motors turn on or off frequently).

Hence it is imperative for any Industry / Consumer to install an automatic power factor controller system in order to avoid the Power Factor penalty and also to Save Energy. Such systems work by continuously monitoring the power factor and making appropriate corrections to it thus maintaining the Power Factor within the required range.

ConnectedSCADA’s cutting edge, Scada gateway based Automatic Power Factor Control System (APFCs) is the ideal solution for this situation.  We are one of the leading providers of Scada gateway/controllers driven solutions which excel in data acquisition, transmission (3G/LTE/Wifi), and computing in order to help you use intelligent systems.

Our solution is guaranteed to save energy, prevent penalties, and mitigate any harmful effects caused by low power factors thus protecting your equipment and increasing its life. The capacitor banks have a very long life which also means that the RoI happens in a very short period. Apart from this, our team of highly trained experts guides you through the installation and mentors you so as to guarantee a smooth installation and transition.

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With over 25 years of industry expertise, our group company specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions for Electrical Infrastructure and Power Distribution.

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