Automatic Demand Management Scheme

The recent times have been very challenging for utility companies and especially for those managing grids. The increased focus on renewable energy which is located in very far off locations, variability in power supply, severe fluctuations in weather, increasing pressure from regulators, and customers on reliability has created a new set of hurdles that a utility company must address.

ConnectedSCADA provides are a unique solution for companies to address these challenges. Our ADMS (Automatic Demand Management Scheme) is a complete solution that allows the companies to monitor, analyze, and improve their demand fulfillment strategies.

The ADMS solution integrates with your existing grid network and allows you to monitor data in real-time. Typically this data includes the amount of power generated from various sources (including remote locations such as solar farms or wind farms), the demand of power which can be segregated on geographic parameters such as state, city, town, etc., the quality of the power (frequency, voltage) and all of this data is available in the real-time.

Apart from the real-time data, our solution keeps historical records as well. This allows you to understand the trends in power consumption and build better forecasting models. As a result of this, the power plant managers can have a better view of the load patterns and can schedule maintenance and load shedding accordingly. The real-time data also allows better maintenance of feeders, substations, and distribution equipment.

We have designed this solution to integrate easily with your existing network. It can easily connect and communicate with SCADA technology thus enabling it to establish communication with most of the electrical devices in your network. Moreover, the communication so established is a bi-directional communication which allows you to control the devices from your central control room. The inbuilt rule engine is completely configurable and generates notifications and alerts when set parameters are crossed. Therefore you can rest assured that you and your team will be informed of the slightest deviation from the designated norms allowing you to address problems in the system early on.

At ConnectedSCADA, our focus is to provide a world-class solution to you with minimum disruption in your services and therefore our team of highly trained experts guides your through the installation, trains, and mentors your team so as to guarantee a smooth installation and transition.

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