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Our Mission is to Bring the Energy Transition all Over the World.


Our Story

Connected SCADA is a subsidiary of Digital Reach Pvt.Ltd. It was established in 2014,  with the aim of providing high quality, efficient and economical solutions for Industrial Internet of Things. In  2015, we built a Remote Terminal Unit in Ahmedabad. This unit consisted of NXP high-performance ARM controller chip along with industrial wireless communication module from Telit. This unit was designed with intention to provide High performance even in extreme environment found in Industrial locations. This device was very well received in the industry. Since then we have added many more devices to enable Scada for different Industries.

Given our expertise in manufacturing and installation of scada enabling devices and our experience in electrical power monitoring , substation automation, feeder automation, capacitor bank automation, reactive power and power factor correction automation, field passage indicator automation,we were approached by many of our existing customers to help them with the implementation of their solutions. This led to the establishment of our Services and Solutions arm. We now provide highly customized solutions tailored especially for your needs, right from hardware to user interface.

The brand name has, in such as short span, become synonymous with Quality. We are one of the leading scada solutions provider in Western India and have catered to Governments, Institutions and Private Sector clients. We take pride in our work and guarantee that all our products and services will exceed customer expectations.

Why Hire Us ?

Our Team

We have a team of highly trained and motivated professionals available at your disposal. We cater to different levels of engagement i.e. from simple device installation to complete implementation of your entire project.

Scalable Solutions

All our solutions are completely scalable. So if your project requires you to increase capacity whether hardware such as modems, routers, RTUs etc or servers we can do it for you in a very short time


We manufacture hardware. This allows us to provide you solutions at very competitive prices because of economies of scale and lack of dealer margins and allows you to have a greater control on your implementation.


Since we manufacture hardware and also develop software solutions, we are in a unique position to provide highly customized solutions to cater to your business needs. This also allows us to implement niche technologies which are not readily available in the market.

With over 25 years of industry expertise, our group company specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions for Electrical Infrastructure and Power Distribution.

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