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Energy Management has become one of the most critical operations for any generation/utility company. With the varied demand patterns, constraints on generation such as regulatory, pricing pressures, and at times, even weather, the companies are required to highly agile and have a quick reaction mechanism. ConnectedSCADA offers an Scada powered comprehensive Energy Management Solution that enables you to have real-time monitoring of generation, transmission as well as demand patterns.

Our EMS provides you with energy and process optimization which we have learned from our years of experience in this industry. You can establish the operation schedule, remotely control voltage and power flow properly against the current which varies from hour to hour, schedule outage of power system equipment such as power transmission lines and transformers for the inspection and the repair, and taking measures in case of contingency.

Moreover, our Energy monitoring provides integrated, real-time monitoring of various energy parameters with detailed energy consumption, cost analysis with real-time recording, and storage of data on cloud or systems. Reports can be generated based on stored data on systems. The solution also gives historical data analysis for predictive analysis and indicates peak load consumption. It gives load forecasting reliable precision and trends system loading based on adaptive steps. The solution provides you with historical data, real-time data, and advanced online control, thus allowing you to implement optimization strategies in real-time and thereby reduce energy consumption, increase electrical system reliability, improve utilization and optimize energy usage.

We are an Scada based solution company with expertise and extensive experience, insights, and technical knowledge electrical distribution and energy management domain.

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With over 25 years of industry expertise, our group company specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions for Electrical Infrastructure and Power Distribution.

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