ConnectedSCADA offers a comprehensive Web SCADA solution driven by cutting edge technology that can address your needs at each and every stage of the power cycle. We can add value in the following areas:


Increase in the use of renewable energy has thrown up new set of challenges for the generation. Firstly, the power from renewable sources is variable. Secondly, the renewable energy farms and the conventional power stations are physically located very far. As a result of this, managing them becomes a very big overhead for utilities. Our solution can connect all your generation points to a single command and control center. It allows for two way communication thus allowing you to monitor as well as control them.

Transmission and Distribution

The quality of power is almost directly dependent on the Transmission and Distribution systems. Utilities need to ensure that power, frequency and voltage flow is proper along with minimization of losses. They also need to ensure the continuity of power supply even when the demand is highly variable. Our solution allows you to communicate with your assests there by allowing the possibility of deploying additional resources as and when required. Moreover, it monitors your system in real-time and triggers events and alerts thus allowing you to take actions in real time.

With over 25 years of industry expertise, our group company specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions for Electrical Infrastructure and Power Distribution.

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