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In current times, utility companies understand that their customers have different needs and require reliable service from them. As different customers may need different types of solutions it becomes a major challenge for companies to ensure the same level of quality for each customer type. ConnectedSCADA’s Feeder Monitoring System offers is ideal for such scenarios.

Our Feeder Monitoring System (FMS) is built using the latest technology and is powered by Scada. It allows you to do Primary Distribution Planning, Operation and Optimization Studies, and Feasibility Analysis. It helps you analyze balanced or unbalanced single-phase, two-phase, and three-phase systems and provides an efficient way of operating and controlling the electrical network

With Scada driven devices, you can see the power consumption patterns, load peaks, performance of the various transmission devices, power quality, voltage, frequency, power factor, etc. in real-time. As a result of this, the system enables you to collect, store and analyze data from hundreds of thousands of data points in national or regional networks, pinpoint faults, preempt outages, and participate in energy trading markets. Our solution also stores historical data that can be used to plan and forecast the actual power requirements, perform network modeling, simulate power operation, etc. thus allowing you to plan the optimum use of your devices. With our solution, you can also see your AT&C losses, their historical pattern which in turn can be used to improve your distribution system as well as your revenues.

We, at ConnectedSCADA, have been working in this field of Electrical Distribution Automation for quite some time. We have built FMS so that is fully compatible with any SCADA system and supports most of the communication protocols used in the industry. Moreover, the system is designed to support any of the smart grid devices thus making your investment future proof as well.

ConnectedSCADA’s FMS is guaranteed to improve your Grid performance, reliability, save energy, generate outage reports and statistics for e.g. regulatory requirements, prevent penalties, and improve customer satisfaction. Our team of highly trained experts will stand by your side through the installation and will mentor you so as to guarantee a smooth installation and transition.

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With over 25 years of industry expertise, our group company specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions for Electrical Infrastructure and Power Distribution.

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