RT-DAS (Substation Monitoring)


 RT DAS (Real-Time Data Acquisition System)

In today’s world, data is generated at a brisk pace in all domains. Data is the new oil. We help you capture the data and gain insights from them.

We install sensors and other electrical devices like CTs, PTs, circuit breakers, switches and circuit breakers to collect and register data points.

Real site photos of our successful implementation of RT DAS

RT-DAS system for SAIFI/ SAIDI measurement: GOI is extending financial assistance through various programs to establish Feeder Remote Terminal Unit (FRTU). FRTU is an intelligent electronic device designed for use in feeder automation.

FRTU based SAIFI/ SAIDI measurement system in Non-SCADA towns to accurately measure the reliability of the power distribution network and facilitate utility to take suitable administrative action for enhancement of power reliability. The same can be ensured by a real-time data acquisition system (RT-DAS) using FRTU at the substation. It shall also facilitate utility to take appropriate measures for improvement of SAIDI/ SAIFI by knowing the reason of poor values of indices

IPDS (Integrated Power Development Scheme) was approved by the government to strengthen sub-transmission and distribution networks including metering at all levels in urban areas.

Earlier scheme of Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP) is subsumed in the new scheme of IPDS.

Major components of the scheme are:

  • Strengthening of sub-transmission and distribution network
  • Metering
  • IP application – ERP and customer care service
  • Provisioning of solar panels
  • Ongoing works of R-APDRP to be completed

Advantages of implementing RT DAS:

  • Reports (SAIFI/ SAIDI reports for regulators and as per IEEE norms etc.)
  • Operation monitor to operative cycles of switching devices to have preventive maintenance
  • Data in the form of analytics
  • Historical data and MIS
  • Future compatibility for controllability and technologies such as SCADA/ AMI etc with addon

Key Features

  • Enable two-way communication between the utility and energy meter
  • Monitor electric network
  • accurate forecasting of peak loads, power consumption, demand, outages etc.
  • Connect / disconnect devices remotely thereby preventing outages.
  • Provide detailed information about the consumption patterns
  • Provides meter readings with very high precision and guaranteed delivery to the server
  • Supports GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi as well as TCP/IP networks.
  • Can easily integrate with most popular billing systems


  • Gather real-time operational data
  • Monitor and manage devices
  • Reduce operations in AT&C losses
  • Consumers can make good & informed decisions to lower electricity bills