Solar Farm Monitoring Systems

Solar farms are generally located at remote location. Hence a monitoring system is an essential part of a PV plant. Typically a Solar farm monitoring and control systems (SMC) comprises of solar inverter, SCADA, and string monitoring units.  A monitoring system allows the yield of the plant to be monitored and compared with theoretical calculations. It can alert you on a daily basis if there is a generation is less. Faults can therefore be detected and corrected before having any significant effect on production.

ConnectedSCADA’s proprietary monitoring system guarantees accuracy, reliability and timeliness. We use the most advanced Scada based technologies in designing our solution. This allows us to ensure that we are able to capture the most accurate data in every time. Moreover, the data acquisition happens in real time hence you can easily see the most recent state of your Solar Farm at any given point in time! 

The key to a reliable monitoring and fault detection methodology is to have good simultaneous measurements of the environmental conditions and plant power output. Our solution allows you to not just capture Voltage and Current data but also other aspects such as temperature, humidity, weather conditions etc. Since all of this data is stored on our cloud based servers, it is readily accessible to you for any analysis / projections that you may want to do. This data can also be used to forecast trends in production and consumption of power.

Our solution supports most of the communication protocols (MODBUS, IEC etc.) and is compatible with PLCs running on SCADA. Apart from this the system can work on Ethernet or GSM based connectivity protocols (2G, 3G or 4G). As a result, you can not only monitor but control your solar farm remotely and that too in real time.

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